About The Real Junk Food Project

Let’s REALLY feed the world

    • The Real Junk Food Project is a global, organic network of pay-as-you-feel cafes that was formed in Leeds in 2013 by Adam Smith. Together we divert perfectly edible food destined for waste and use it to create delicious and healthy meals for anyone and everyone.
    • Food Waste and Food Poverty are two major tragedies that we are currently facing. We aim to bridge that gap. We are one of a very few businesses whose aim is to go out of business. This would mean that there is either no food waste to intercept or no hungry tummies to feed, then our job would be considered done!
    • Here are some key reasons about why we do what we do:

      To learn more about ‘pay as you feel’ and what the Real Junk Food Project aims to do through its cafes, watch founder Adam Smith below:

Today there are over 150 projects operating across the globe from Africa to Australia with pay as you feel cafes popping up every week.

You can check out the rest of the network here: http://therealjunkfoodproject.org