Junk Food Education


TRJFP trip to Hazel Community Primary

In November a few of us had the pleasure of taking TRJFP to a local school. Hazel Community Primary is about a mile away from the centre and one of our volunteers is a governor there so it seemed a good place to start getting our message into schools.

We began on the Friday with a presentation to Y4 about what TRJFP is and some activities around food, where foodstuffs come from and why and how food gets wasted. Hom

ework was to look around over the weekend and simply notice where food was being wasted.

The feedback on Monday morning was amazing. They had noticed take away food discarded on the street, people ordering too much in restaurants, people eating too much. One little girl told us her brother had taken a bite out of an apple and thrown the rest away! The class suggested he could have cut it in half and kept half in the fridge-future TRJFP activists in the making.

Monday saw four of us take food into school and, with 29 pupils, peel, chop and prepare our lunch. Looking at the food we had br

ought over the kids suggested pasta bake and apple crumble and who were we to argue? The prep was quite challenging for some pupils who had to draw an all their powers of concentration to practice their knife skills but they worked well together and everyone was involved.

Finally lunchtime came and we all sat down together to eat. The Head Teacher and some of her staff joined us and the whole morning was a huge success.

The school has a strong Eco-lead and our work with them complemented their “How do we live more sustainably?” curriculum; “describe and explain, using examples, what living sustainably means.” They will be coming over to a day-time café in the New Year and we hope that this is the first of a

long line of future collaborative projects with Leicester and Leicestershire schools.

While the feedback from the kids said what a fantastic time they had had and how much they had learnt our favourite quote is:

“I admit I did not eat all of the apple crumble but I regret doing that”….