Food Donations

Sweet & Fruity: The Real Junk For Project Leicester Van

Our food comes from a wide variety of sources from Supermarkets to wholesalers, from individuals to local businesses. Some donors donate to us several times a week and others are on an ad-hoc basis. We accept nearly all edible food that would have otherwise been wasted.

Due to Food Safety Regulations we cannot accept items that have been on a self-service counter due to risk of contamination and food that has been cooked/prepared in a domestic kitchen that is not registered with the Food Saftey Team (Environmental Health).

To donate food please contact…

If you are unsure as to whether we’d accept your donation, please contact us so we can discuss.

People often ask what we do with our waste. Food-wise we have very little after customers and volunteers have taken what they can. We clean and recycle all the packaging we can and compost all the food that we can. We only use the general waste bin as a last resort and most of what goes in there are plate scrapings and non-recyclable packaging.