Catering For Your Event

We provide junk food event catering
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Event Catering

We can cater for any event, indoor and outdoor, from hot meals to cold buffet spread and are open to ideas and new challenges. We also offer workshops and presentations to raise awareness about what we do and why we do it.

Catering for events brings new and different challenges which we love! We have a great time and we get to spread our message further and wider, challenging people to question why the perfectly edible food was destined for landfill.

Previous Events & Workshops

  • Oxjam
  • Festival No. 9
  • Sustrans Bike Ride
  • City Hall (Leicester City Council) conferences – Low Carbon Lecture, Sustainable Schools and the Emergency Food Plan Meeting
  • The Greenlight Festival
  • Making and Mending Festival
  • Woodcraft
  • LCiL’s Choice Unlimited
  • Local community groups
  • Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival
  • Feed Bellies Not Bins Comedy Club
  • DMU Square Mile Christmas Meal for the elderly
  • Everybody’s Reading Festival (including Talking Tablecloths and Community Health Awareness)

If you are interested in our services, whether it be a Real Junk Food workshop, catering for an event or festival, or you would like to host something at The West End ‘Pay As You Feel’ Café we would love to hear from you. All proceeds get invested back into our work, and we can accommodate a wide range of event sizes, budgets, payment options and diets!


Please fill in our TRJFP Leicester Catering Enquiry Form with all your event details.