Our Sponsors

Our three-year sponsorship deal with Pro Active Resolutions came naturally at the right time to take our social enterprise to the next level, solidifying our foundations while furthering our operations to have a greater environmental impact and to feed and educate more people!

Our Project, a grass-roots initiative created in 2015, was set up to tackle the food waste issue head on in a practical and logical way, using waste and surplus food to feed people. It sounds obvious and that’s because it is. Part of an international network of related projects, we serve the food we collect on a Pay-As-You-Feel basis, enabling everyone to access our services and contribute whatever they can in return.

Due to tremendous support from the public and queues of people wanting to try our food and hire us for their events, the project mushroomed way beyond the infrastructure we had in place. We knew we needed to re-group and look at our foundations but without much business experience we were unsure how to go about it. Mahmood and his team had previously stepped up to support us with our accounting and bookkeeping and we regularly ask them for advice. Having had a good insight into our situation Mahmood suggested a sponsorship deal and his offer was gladly accepted.

Pro Active Resolutions have the experience that we have yet to develop and skills in areas we hadn’t considered. Through conversations about our vision and hopes for the future, Mahmood was able to suggest to us a plan of action which he is helping to implement and action. This includes the development of our resources, the raising of our profile and the creation of an educational program integral to the food waste issue. We are at the beginning of our journey together and already our partnership has helped inspire our volunteers and staff and synchronise our energy and vision.

With our plan in place our whole team is confident of our growth and success. We have already solidified our internal structure, developed our processes and with a little more time we will be operating on a whole new level, not only as a Pay-as-You-Feel café but as a city and county-wide re-distribution channel.