What is pay as you feel?

The Real Junk Food Project operates on a Pay As You Feel basis. This invites people to exchange money, ideas, time, skills and creativity for a meal. It encourages you to think about what a plate of food means to you. Where has it come from? How much energy was used to create it? Why was it destined for landfill?


Food is not free: #FeedBelliesNotBins


Image courtesy of Shy B Photography: http://shybphotography.com

If you eat – you’re in!

We operate an open arms policy and the ‘pay as you feel’ concept invites people from all walks of life to come together and have a meal creating a real sense of community.

We believe that the food has value and so does everybody so if you can afford a donation that is great as money keeps us going and cash payment is greatly appreciated. All money is invested back into the project to cover our overheads and develop the project further. There is no emphasis on financial donations. If you do not have access to money we are happy to exchange services, ideas, time and creativity for a meal. For example helping us wash up the dishes, clean up after service, get on board as a volunteer, or create artwork for us to highlight the food waste controversy or to brighten up the cafe.